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         "The Green Machine"

              Save Your Soil

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Compact yet powerful (100 hp -2000 rpm)
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This is a 97 hp machine with a 5 ft wide head.Two inch carbide teeth mounted on a drum rotating at 2000 rpm.It's call a “Bull Hog” mulching,chipping machine.It's mounted on a rubber tracked,Caterpillar Compact Loader It'll chip anything softer than railroad tracks and turn it into mulch on site.It's great for thinning,cutover,overgrown,or debris.Specialize in clearing multiflora,hawthorn,bullpine,leaving the nice trees AND THE FIREWOOD.We can cut the top off and grind it,leaving the stem in a clear work area.It's perfect for creating trails,clearing old roads ,pond sites,or backyards,leaving a parklike setting.With a new layer of mulch 2-3 inches thick,just bring the picnic table.The consistency depends on how many passes you make.You can work around trees,buildings,getting as close as a couple inches.It's works great up and down on steep land,soft bottomland,even cross pavement with the rubber tracks.We also have dozer and trackhoe service.  FREE ESTIMATE

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